San Angelo ISD Career and Technical Education Graphic Design II Students Add Augmented Reality to Concho Valley Murals

San Angelo ISD Career and Technical Education Graphic Design II Students Add Augmented Reality to Concho Valley Murals

On Wednesday, September 13, San Angelo ISD high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) Graphic Design II students visited murals across San Angelo in which they played a part in bringing to life through augmented reality. Through a collaboration with Art in Uncommon Places, the students were able to augment ten murals as part of their lessons and provide real life applications of these skills outside of the classroom. 

Augmented reality is a technology that overlays a real world environment with a computer-generated one, enhancing the user's experience and shifting their perspective.

“The opportunity that Art in Uncommon Places has created for my students to showcase their talents in a real-world environment is phenomenal,” said CTE Graphic Design II teacher Scarlet Rodriquez. “As a teacher, I’m thrilled to connect students to their community and excited for them to leave their mark.” 

Art in Uncommon Places will be unveiling the murals this Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 10am at the Art in Uncommon Places studio on 701 S. Irving during their Electrified Murals Experience event. You can view the murals at any of these locations:

  • Art in Uncommon Places Studio - 701 S. Irving St. 
  • San Angelo Performing Arts Center - 82 Gillis St. 
  • Raymond Warehouse - 114 Hardeman Pass 
  • Mayfield Storage Building - 118 W. Ave A 
  • L&J Roofing - 26 W. Washington Dr. 
  • Creative 101 - 308 W. Washington Dr. 
  • Rick DeHoyos Law Firm - 502 S. Irving St. 
  • San Angelo Health Foundation - 423 S. Irving St. 
  • Johnson Family - 805 S. Chadbourne St. 

Starting with the Electrified Murals Experience, you can view the augmented reality experience when you visit the murals listed above by following these steps:

  1. Download the EyeJack app on your smartphone or tablet 
  2. Within the EyeJack app, scan the QR codes found near the mural
  3. View the mural through the EyeJack app and watch it come to life 

Join San Angelo ISD in thanking Art in Uncommon Places for supporting opportunities for our students to explore creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking inside and outside the classroom and preparing them for their future, whatever that future may be. A special thank you to Scarlet Rodriguez for cultivating the talents of our students in the classroom and providing special learning opportunities like this collaboration. 

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