Campus Spotlight: Fly Alongside the Glenmore Jets

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood across the street from the entrance to Goodfellow Air Force Base, Glenmore Elementary Jets are a community of learners who celebrate each other's growth through encouragement, pride and integrity. In this week's campus spotlight, fly alongside the Glenmore Jets. 

Future Ready Friday Feature: Central High School Earns College Board AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

San Angelo ISD and Central High School proudly announce that CHS has earned the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Female Diversity Award for achieving high female representation in AP Computer Science Principles. CHS is one of only 30 schools in the entire state of Texas to receive the award, and the only one in West Texas. In this week’s Future Ready Friday feature, we celebrate how at CHS student hopes and dreams are supported through empowering young women with an interest in computer science and expanding opportunities to expose all students to the possibilities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.

Campus Spotlight Fannin featuring Students working with Ozobots

As students unload for drop off at the front lawn of Fannin Elementary, they are greeted by a bright, colorful alphabet painted on the sidewalk which leads into a welcoming, family environment that extends throughout the campus and into each classroom. This unique campus has built a culture which inspires students and staff to work together to set goals and celebrate achievement. In this week's campus spotlight, Charge into Fannin Elementary. 

San Angelo ISD Board of Trustees Recognized at San Angelo City Council Meeting

San Angelo ISD School Board Trustees were recognized at the San Angelo City Council Meeting on the morning of Tuesday, January 18, 2022 with a special proclamation by Mayor Brenda Gunter declaring January 2022, as “School Board Recognition Month” in San Angelo.

"I, Brenda Gunter, Mayor of the City of San Angelo, Texas, on behalf of the City Council, declare our appreciation to the members of the San Angelo Independent School Board and proclaim the month of January 2022, as ‘SCHOOL BOARD RECOGNITION MONTH’ in San Angelo, Texas and urge all citizens to join us in recognizing the dedication and hard work of local school board members and in working with them to mold an education system that meets the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s children." Read the full proclamation here. 

Campus Spotlight: Fort Concho Elementary, Where Superhero Hopes and Dreams are Supported by Unique Enrichment Opportunities

A colorful red, yellow and blue wallpaper of photographs showcases Fort Concho Elementary students dressed imaginatively as their future selves: One child sports a white lab coat and a microscope, another clutches a microphone confidently standing before a performing arts center to rival Carnegie Hall, while another proudly wears a shiny police badge while holding the keys to a patrol car in the background. This special wall tells a story both of the school and individual students, each photograph complete with bold white letters stating the students’ chosen future aspirations, which range from “Future Chef” to “Future Geologist” to “Future Computer Programmer” to “Future Military Officer” to “Future Actor” and everything in between. In this week’s San Angelo ISD Campus Spotlight, we invite you to learn more about the superpowers of our Fort Concho Superheroes, and how Principal Lori Barton and team support growing the hopes and dreams of their students with customizable enrichment opportunities while fostering a family community.

Flex Friday January 14th

Due to staffing considerations, including allocation of limited substitutes, and the health and wellness of our community, San Angelo ISD will temporarily close our high school campuses (Central High School, Central High School on Oakes, Lake View High School, PAYS, and Carver) for instruction this Friday, January 14, 2022. Classes will resume in-person on Tuesday, January 18th. High school teachers and staff will continue to report to campuses for work and be available to support students through online support.